Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chief Kanagatooga "Old Hop" "Standing Turkey" Moytoy

My 8g Grand Uncle, The Son of Amatoy Moytoy

Kanagatoga, Fire King of Chota. He was also known as Canacayghte, Canoreortuker, Connecorte, Emperor of Chota, Standing Turkey and Uku of Chota. He removed the English appointed rulership over the Cherokee nation, and brought all four settlement areas under Chota in 1753-1754.

Moew people were dying of disease introduced by immigrants than by any other cause, and half the population was decimated by diseases such as smallpox and measles...This was during the time when England was colonizing Virginia and Carolina commonwealths, in competition with the French, and before the colonies separated from England.

The British called him "Old Hop" because he limped. Old Hop had been crippled when a youth on the warpath."

Old Hop was advanced in age when he was chosen as Moytoy's successor. There are numerous references in the correspondence of the time indicating him as an old man. Governor Lyttleton wrote him in 1756: 'As I hear you are old and unable to walk to Charles Town, though I very much wish for it, I cannot expect to see you.'"

He had a slave or adopted son named FRENCH JOHN. He was from the Overhills, 1753-1757. He served as the chief agent of the French from Fort Toulouse (Alabama) to Chota.

Uncle to Attakullakulla "Little Carpenter" who he used as a Peace Chief and spokesman.

Doublehead was his brother (a chief who served under Dragging Canoe with John Watts, commanded the expedition against Knoxville in 1793 and was killed by Major Ridge)

Old Hop died shortly before the end of the Cherokee-English war of 1760-1761. Little Carpenter announced his death to the council as noted in "Old Frontiers", page 115: "Our Headman, Old Hop, is gone to sleep, and the Standing Turkey is come into his room, but he has little to say, being just come to the government. The other chiefs present will remember how strongly Old Hop recommended to the nation to live in peace and friendship with the white people." (Note: The Standing Turkey referred to in this paragraph is the nephew of Old Hop.)

From Old Frontiers, pg 46: "Old Hop had a nephew, also named Standing Turkey, an active warrior who at his uncle's death served a short time as his successor. It was the younger Standing Turkey who conducted a four day assault upon Fort Loudoun in 1760, and who signed the articles of capitulation of the stronghold."

In old Cherokee culture there were generally three leaders in each town/village. The Red Chief was the "War Chief," he dealt with war, and was in charge of trading and other outside contact. The White Chief was the "Peace Chief," he led during peace time and controlled civil affairs. There was also a High Priest or conjuror. A good example is the old city of Echota. This town was headed by Attakullakulla (white chief), Oconostota (red chief), and Old Hop (high priest).

Old Hop in his talk to Demere, gave his unusual evidence of patriotism. He said: "I am now old and lie upon a bad bearskin. My life is not more than an inch long, and I know not when a bullet may cut it short. I want my brothers Captains Demere and Stuart to remember that the Great Warrior, Oconostota, and his brother [Amo-Scossite?], are the only two men in the nation that ought to be thought of after my death. "It is true that Willenawah and the Little Carpenter are my nephews, but I do not know how they would behave. If I had not remembered what I owe to a country I love, and had in mind to behave like a father, I would recommend my two sons, but I know them to be incapable, and biased by every lie that comes. I do not know how they will turn out, but I do know the others, for drunk or sober, they always admonish the Indians to love the white people."


  1. Cherokee Chief Standing Turkey is of interest in this area of Cherokee history and genealogy, as is Turkeytown (more than one) near places like the present city of Newton,NC. So is the Hopi Tribe (Hop) and places like Gobbler's Knob, KY, at Viper Kentucky on a Cherokee trail into southeast Kentucky.

  2. My name is Crystal Barnard, I've been researching my family history and found out that Old Hop Moytoy was my 10th great grandfather. I came across your website while i was looking his information up so its really neat to see other people that are related to him as well!

  3. I just found out that Old Hop is a great grandfather. Not sure how far back yet, but it very exciting.

  4. Old Hop is my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather ... through my father's maternal lineage.

  5. My name is Tracy Jones and Old Hop is my 8th great grandfather.

    1. I believe I just found out that Old Hop could have been my 9th great grandfather through my father's maternal lineage.

  6. I have been told all of my 70 years, that Old Hop or Standing Turkey, and Snooki Hooper were relatives of mine! Our family survived on a lot of old remedies left by the Cherokees. Many traits were left to my gggrandmother, she was a herb doctor. They were from Tennessee, Alabama, GA and NC. The names of family, Wooten, Rogers, Perkins, Floyds, Mullins, Smith, Malones, Carters, Robinson, Crums. Some times spelled, Mullings, Mullens. Essary, Ussery. Please help me as my days are drawing near.
    We were told not to talk about Cherokee background.I am proud!!!!!!

  7. Found him Yesterday, Old Hop is my 8th Great GRandfather. My Grandmother was a Choate Before she Married. I found this online and just poped in for more information if i can Find it. Somew of the supporting Records for this part of my tree are hard to find and some are very confusing.

  8. i found out that he is also my 8th great father on my grandfathers side

  9. i found out that he is also my 8th great father on my grandfathers side

  10. Chief Kanagatoga is my 8th great grandfather. I wish I could be peaceful like him.

  11. 11th G-Grandfather (Mothers Side)

  12. just found him as a 10th great grand father would like to learn more

  13. 8th generation great grandfather on my Father's side. I am excited to discover this. Lineage is coming from his daughter Su Gi Granny Hopper and through the Carter's. Up through Essary and Griffin.