Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Cherokee Nation

The Cherokees called themselves the Ani-Yun' wiya meaning leading or principal people. The original Cherokees lived early times in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia.

The Cherokee seal (above) was designed to embrace the early government structure, and the eternal endurance of the Cherokee Indians. It was adopted by Act of the Cherokee National Council, and approved in 1871. The seven-pointed star symbolizes: (1). the seven age old clans of the Cherokee: (2). the seven characters of Sequoyah’s syllabary, meaning "Cherokee Nation." (The Cherokee characters are phonetically pronounced "Tsa-la-gi-hi A-yi-li") .. The wreath of oak leaves symbolizes the sacred fire which, from time immemorial, the Cherokees kept burning in their land. Oak was the wood traditionally burned, different species of oak having ever been indigenous to Cherokee country, both in North Carolina and Georgia as well as in the Indian Territory to which the Cherokees removed in the early 1800's...The margin wording proclaims the authority of the seal in both the English and the Cherokee languages, and records the date (1839) of the adoption of the Constitution of the Cherokee Nation West...This seal was imprinted on all documents until the dissolution of the Cherokee Nation at Oklahoma Statehood


Interpretation of the device in this seal is found in Cherokee folklore and history. Ritual songs in certain ancient tribal ceremonials and songs made reference to seven clans, the legendary
beginnings of the Cherokee Nation whose country early in the historic period took in a wide area now included in the present eastern parts of Tennessee and Kentucky, the western parts of
Virginia and the Carolinas, as well as extending over into what are now northern sections of Georgia and Alabama. A sacred fire was kept burning in the "Town House" at a central part of the old nation, logs of the live oak, a hardwood timber in the region, laid end to end to keep the fire going. The oak was thus a symbol of strength and everlasting life in connection with the sacred fire. The seven-pointed star centering the device of the Cherokee Seal represents
the seven ancient clans in tribal lore.


  1. The "Cherakee" Mountains listed on very early European maps of the southern Appalachians should be noted, since various Cherokee origins include the Chera Empire of India, Cherrypond people of India and, of course, the Dayak and Maylay and others of Asia, long ago, with links to places like Takytown, KY (Harlan County) and Taki Town, India and other places, as well as those who have always been in the Americas. Cherokee sometimes wore turbans. The "Ancient Ones" of American Indian lore include us, the "Cherakee."

  2. when I was studying the line of Moytoy and SuGhi ani waya I came upon a person who was listed as having been born in Mornad, Mongolia, I recently saw a documentary on the nomads of Asia, they lived in teepees and in caves!!! I was not suprised, but delited to see some link back to where we supposedly came from long ago before our ancestors crossed the land mass of the Bering Strait.I would not be suprised to find out that the over one thousand tribes of Native Americans found on Turtle Island came from all over the world originally.I also once found a story in a book on South America that said some of their ancestors were named Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!! How profound is that ?? hmmm Mother Earth constantly speaks and belches up the past and the future. I am not suprised at much anymore even the Bible says that knowledge will increase a lot , it certainly is , what will we choose to do with all this new info and how will it affect our lives?

  3. You may be interested in Taktsang Temple of Bhutan, Asia and possible, but not proven, connections to places like Takytown, KY in Harlan County. Cherokee Chief Takiteasky (various) was in east and western Cherokee groups in early colonial America.

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  4. I do my best, and so does my cousin, Cherokee Chief Chad Smith. So, as we move on, we should acknowledge various Cherokee connections to world history. Our history. Martin Redbird