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Beloved Woman Cornblossom

The "portrait" is of one of Cornblossom's granddaughters who is the spitting image of Cornblossom. The picture was taken about 1860 or has been in his family's possession since 1860")

Cornblossom Chuqualatgue Doublehead 1760 - 1810
My 5 g third cousin ((Chief Chuqualatague4 Doublehead, chief Great3 Eagle, Chief Moytoy2of Tellico, Amatoya1 Moytoy)


The Cherokee wedding was held at and around Doubleheads cave (Wayne County). The ceremony was tribal. It is said in true memories and stories handed down through my generations of ancestors that the country side was in its late spring beauty. Wild Tree and field flowers were still in full bloom, especially the wild mountain Laurel> The "Beloved Woman", then young Cornblossmo, was said to have charmed everyone with her beauty as her blood ancestor, War Woman, She who carries the sun" (for her people) had done during the French and Indian War. Blossom of the Corn (cornblossom) was said to have worn specially made wedding clothes, highly decorated beaded sandals, and a special jewelled traditonal Chickamaugan head piece made by the Clan Mothers, over her left ear was said to be a beautiful ornamental wing of a bluebird. It was said that Cornblossom carried many blossom's and wild roses that perfumed the air with sweetness, and also an ear of special Clan Field Corn. This special ear of corn from the field of her Cherokee people clan symbolized the 1st woman who was called Selu in Cherokee. Jacob Troxell brought and carried the finest of meat partly symbolizing his care of the 1st man who was called Kanati in cherokee. The 1st man and woman on this world can be found in the stories of the Cherokee of the "Story of the Cornmaiden". Cornblossom walked with a great Thrunderbolt War Chief and Chickamaugan Principal Chief Dragging Canoe. Dragging Canoe was said to have led Cornblossom to the center front of Doublehead's cave (hines Cave, at Mill Springs, Monitcello Kentucky). This special cave was the burial chambers of the ancients and diplomatic party headquarters of the northern provisonal capital of the Chickamaugan Cherokee Nation. "Big Jake" Jacob Troxell was accompanied by the famous Cherokee Thunderbolt Peace Chief, Hanging Maw from another direction. Some say Cherokee War Chief Doublehead performed the marriage himself but according to the Cherokee Custom this was not allowed. Some highly believe that Dick Justice performed this marriage.

The Great Cherokee Children's Massacre Ywahoo Falls Kentucky 1810
On Friday, August 10th 1810, the Great Cherokee Children Massacre took place at Ywahoo Falls in southeast Kentucky. The Cherokee village leaders of the Cumberland Plateau territory from Knoxville Tennessee to the Cumberland River in Kentucky was led by the northern provisional Thunderbolt District Chief Beloved Woman - War Woman "Cornblossom", the highly honored daughter of the famous Thunderbolt War Chief Doublehead.

Several months before this date, War Woman Cornblossom was preparing the people in all the Cherokee villages of southeast Kentucky and northern Tennessee to bring all their children to the sacred Ywahoo Falls area of refuge and safety. Once all the Cherokee children were gathered they were to make a journey to Reverend Gideon Blackburns Presbertearian Indian School at Sequatchie Valley outside of Chattanooga Tennessee in order to save the children of the Cherokee Nation remaining in Kentucky and northern Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau. This area of Sequatchie Valley was very near to Lookout Mountain at Chattanooga, the once long held Chickamauga National capital of the Thunderbolts. The arrangements to save the Cherokee children thru Gideon Blackburns white protection Christian Indian Schools had been made earlier by Cornblossoms father War Chief Doublehead, who had also several years earlier been assassinated by non-traditionalist of the southern Cherokee Nation of the Carolinas and far eastern Tennessee.

A huge large gathering area underneath Ywahoo Falls itself was to be the center meeting place for these women and children to gather and wait, then all the children of all ages would go as one group southward to the school to safety from the many Indian fighters gathering in the neighboring counties of Wayne and Pulaski in Kentucky. These Indian fighters were led by an old Franklinite militiaman from Tennessee named Hiram "Big Tooth" Gregory who came from Sullivan County Tennessee at the settlement of Franklin and had fought many Franklinite campaigns under John Seveir to eliminate all the traditional Thunderbolt Cherokee totally and without mercy. Big Tooth Gregory, sanctioned by the United States government, war department, and governor of the territory, carried on the ill famous Indian hating battle cry of John Seveir that "nits make lice". Orders were understood by these Cherokee haters that nits (baby lice) would grow up to be adults and especially targeted in all the campaigns of John Seveirs Franklinites were the Cherokee women, pregnant women, and children of all ages. John Seveir, Big Tooth Gregory, and all the rest of the Franklinites philosophy was that if they could destroy the children of the Cherokee, there would be no Cherokee and no Cherokee Nation to contend with in their expansion of white settlements, the white churches, and the claiming of territory for the United States. Orders were issued to the Franklinites to split open the belly of any pregnant Cherokee woman, remove the baby inside her, and slice it as well. To the Franklinites, the Cherokee baby inside the mother was the nit that would eventually make lice.

Runners brought word to Standing Fern at the falls that her husband War Chief Peter Troxell and Cornblossom were on their way to Ywahoo Falls with the last of the children. Traveling with Cornblossom and War Chief Peter Troxell were Chief Red Bird of the Cumberland Falls area and their children, the youngest children of Cornblossom, and all the children of War Chief Peter Troxell.

When they arrived at Ywahoo Falls the journey southward would begin. But before Cornblossom, Red Bird, War Chief Peter Troxell, and the children with them arrived, the old Franklinite "Indian fighter" by the name of Hiram "Big Tooth" Gregory had heard of the planned trip several days prior and headed immediately for the falls area to kill them all with all he could muster to kill the Cherokee. Breaking the 1807 peace treaty between War Chief Peter Troxell and the Governor of Kentucky, Big Tooth Gregorys band of Indian fighters crossed into Cherokee territory and came in two directions, one group from Wayne County, the other from neighboring Pulaski county in southeast Kentucky. The Indian fighters on horseback joined together at what is now called Flat Rock Kentucky and headed into the Ywahoo Falls area with fiery hatred. Big Tooth Gregory and his Indian fighters could not allow these children (nits) to escape. Being only 1 good accessible way in by land and 1 way in by water, Gregorys band of Indian fighters chose the quick way by land, sending a few side skirmishers by way to block anyone trying to escape.

Before they reached the falls, at todays entrance to Ywahoo Falls, the Indian fighters encountered a front Cherokee guard consisting of "Big Jake" Jacob Troxell (husband to Cornblossom), a few longhunters friendly to the Cherokee mainly thru intermarriage and some remaining Thunderbolt warriors, all who were guarding the entrance to the falls. This occurred shortly after midnight in the early morning hours of darkness before the rising of the sun. This will be the night morning of screams. This will be the last day of many children. From this massacre, Jacob Troxell (husband to Cornblossom), the Great Warrior, and all the front guards killed, War Woman Standing Fern (wife to War Chief Peter Troxell) and her elite Thunderbolt warriors all killed defending the children below the falls, War Chief Peter Troxell killed in the last fight, and over 100 women and children waiting to go south to safety in a children journey to a Christian mission school, all lay dead, massacred, raped, tortured, and scalped, by these "Indian fighters".

It was said that "Bones and Blood ran so deep underneath Ywahoo Falls that the murdered dead were all put there together in a heap to be their grave". The place of innocence and the Ancient Ones now became a place of death of the innocent. The Falls ran red that day of darkness, Friday, August 10, 1810. This massacre ended all power of the mighty Chickamaugan Thunderbolt Cherokee people in Kentucky to Knoxville Tennessee. These people of southeast Kentucky and northern Tennessee held out unto death. And as it is often said "Today was a good day to die" for "We are not conquered.”


  1. May the scream of the hawk enlighten your day for the sun shines again today from within the shadows shines our spirit in a land where the water still runs as blood for every tear we shed for the living the dead. Danny R.

  2. I have only this week learned of my Cherokee blood heritage. Beloved Woman, Princess Cornblossom is my 5th great grandmother on my grandpa's mother's side (Minerva Blevins was his mother, granddaughter of Catherine Troxell, who was the mother Johnathon "Juber" Blevins and daughter of Cornblossom Doublehead). I would love any further information regarding this family...and tribe. Thank you for your blog!

    Chasity (McCart) Jenny

    1. Seems we are relatives Chasity, as I too come from the Catherine Troxell line.

    2. Me too. I am getting that Cornblossom, was only a legend. I know she was a real person. Also related throught the Blevins line. Thanks

    3. Her name is Pawalin. Whites gave her the name Cornblossom. She was not a princess. Again this is what white people have called her. She is my 9th great grandmother. though Catherine (Katie) her son Pleasant Blevin his daughter Delilah md to Mathew King their son Jasper his son Miles Goldman his son Curtis King then to my mother Sue King. For what its worth my opinion is Pawalin is a real person. She has been made into something bigger than what she was just to sell books. Or the family was trying though Pawalin to Lighten the fact that Doublehead sold land, turn away from His People.

  3. Hello to all of my new family members. I am from the Blevins line.
    What a nice sight. Thank you
    My Grandmother was Mary Belle Blevins, daughter of Ruth Blevins and
    Andrew Calvin Patterson.
    I think we would all like to see photos or any information.
    Bless You

    1. We were lost for a long time.because of the trail of tears and cheif doublehead getting killed I no that he didn't sell land he gave his part up and took land 150.000 arches were I was raised on cheif double heads land it is in center star Alabama that area was just a little part of the land my granddad wouldn.t call him great granddad he called him old mean doublehead I guess because what great granddad told him. I really didn.t no anything to I was two yr old when my granddad told me my who my family was then my grandmother would slap him on the arm and tell him that he was not post to tell me that because bird told his son my great never say we were native Americans if my grandad ever said any thing about it my great grandad would go off the deep end and I think that was because of cheif double heads death.

    2. My grandmothers people are somehow related to Chief Doublehead, but we aren"t really sure how. I would love to know how to find out exactly.

  4. My wife is Jacquilla Stonewall. I believe she has her family traced all the way back to Cornblossum through the Troxells.

    1. My husband also is family through the Troxells.

  5. this is a completely fraudulent story..there never was a Cornblossom, that has never been any Indian name..please read this..that story was made up and accuse innocent people of murder.

    LEGION OF THE LOST MINE is a short collection of stories based upon the
    traditions of the Troxel family and centers around an intriguing person in
    the history of the Cherokee, Chief Doublehead. In the book, Troxel creates
    additional characters to supplement the Doublehead story. Big Jake, Princess
    Cornblossom, Hans Blackberne, and the romantic Brave Tuckahoe all romp
    through the pages of LEGION OF THE LOST MINE like characters in a Walt
    Disney drama. Although Thomas H. Troxel was careful to note in the foreword
    to his book that the names of some of the characters are fictitious, many
    well-meaning persons have used his work as a framework upon which to build a
    fraudulent history of the region drained by the Big South Fork of the
    Cumberland River. Robert Collins used it to create the Yahoo Falls
    Recreation Area on the Stearns Ranger District..

    The oft-repeated (even on the Internet) story of a mass murder at Yahoo
    Falls is based, not upon empirical data, but upon hearsay and revisionist
    history. It is an unconscionable smear of the descendants of Hiram Gregory,
    who is charged with leading the assault upon the Cherokees, and serves, not
    to unite the people of the Big South Fork region, but to divide them.

    In the past, good, but misinformed persons have sought to create a heritage
    for the people living within the drainage basin of the Big South Fork whom
    they regarded as having none. They used their influence to put up
    historical markers and headstones, wrote about the region in national forest
    histories, and, patronizingly, tried to give what they thought was the
    region's due. They cannot be faulted for this because they did what they
    believed was right. But, we are at the dawn of a new era in historical
    research and the citizens of Wayne, Pulaski, and McCreary counties now know
    that their true heritage can be based upon real people and real events. We
    must not be afraid to subject our sacred cows of tradition to the historical
    method and evaluate the data objectively and responsibly. I have done that
    to the Chief Doublehead-Big Jake-Cornblossom-Yahoo Falls Massacre, and have
    found it to be what it always will be-a series of fanciful stories not based
    upon factual evidence.

    Samuel D. Perry

    1. This dude needs to obtain a copy of the book "DOUBLEHEAD" by Rickey Butch Walker and after he reads the well documented truthful story about Doublehead and his entire family - including his daughter Pawalin - which in English translates to Cornblossom - and then come back retract his too often repeated blather. I say as one of her descendants I'm proof Cornblossom did exist, but I'd be first to admit that although she was revered the Princess part is most likely only legend.

    2. I agree. He might look at The Treaty of Sycamore Shoals.

    3. Palma Maria (Justice) MaioranoOctober 11, 2016 at 6:29 PM

      Perhaps, those "haters" are related to those involved in the rape, torture, and murder of women and children and wish to deny the truth. Because, sometimes the truth is shameful!

      Like Rebecca, I am related via the Justice family of Ware County, GA. Nice to connect to you all!

  6. I have been to Ywahoo Falls many times, heard the stories from Dan Troxell, visited the Doublehead (Hines) Cave ; but was not allowed inside of it. There are many who still deny the massacre even happened and now the black monument placed in the middle of the night is sitting in a garage!I worked for years trying to get a Historical marker placed there to no avail. It is a Sacred Place. Maggie

    1. Thanks for you work in trying to get a sign there. Maybe one day it will happen. A lot of people would like to hide their heads in the sand rather than think about the horrors perpetuated on the American Indians. Thanks so much for your contribution and input.

    2. I can get that monument put there .I have a secret about government people taking native American artifacts from different places and it has to do with park rangers

  7. is there any proof though? i mean real hard solid proof?

  8. The survivors of that massacre knew. They passed it on through their families. They had no internet. It is a sacred spot. This would be an insult, even to us all, but the victims were supposed to be buried in a mass grave, behind the falls. Has anyone ever checked the site, for the bones of our family. Before they call us liars. I am not being disgraceful to the members of my family who died there. I know they would like the truth to be known and have people stop calling it a lie. Thanks

    1. Palma Maria (Justice) MaioranoOctober 11, 2016 at 6:34 PM

      They died for their future generations, and here we are! We should always honor our ancestors! Knowing their suffrage certainly promotes the good within me!

  9. According to family history - as recorded by my father's cousin and other sources - I'm a descendant of Cornblossom and Jacob Troxell's daughter Sarah Troxell who I'm told cohabited with my ancestor William Blevins b. ca 1786 before she married Thomas Bell. I've written a book on the subject titled "THE LONGHUNTERS" A REPORT ON THE HISTORY AND FAMILY OF WILLIAM BLEVINS SR showing 25 ascendants and uncounted descendants which is currently available through as well as Barnes and Noble and My email address is

  10. I am also a descendant of the William Blevins line, just recently discovered this info, I find this family so very interesting, but also very confusing. Trying to discover who these men were actually married to seems almost impossible, there are so many sites with conflicting information.

    1. "THE LONGHUNTERS" is a report on the William Blevins family and the story of Pawalin (aka Cornblossom) both the truth and the legend are explained. I recommend this book for those with Blevins ancestors as the first five American born generations are listed and you can contact LBlevins at sunflower dot com for more info.

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  12. Hello to all my long lost cousins!

    Chief Doublehead is my 7th great grandfather, which makes Cornblossom (Pawalin) my 6th great grandmother. I am related through Catherine Troxel (daughter to Cornblossom), Pleasant Blevins (Son of Catherine Troxel), Delilah Blevins (Daughter of Pleasant Blevins), Rachel King (daughter of Delilah Blevins), Walter Strunk (Son of Rachel King), Lucille Strunk (daughter of Walter Strunk), James Tiller (Son of Lucille Tiller and my father).

    The Doublehead and Cornblossum (Pawalin) story is true and is best documented in the book (as mentioned above) "Doublehead Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief" by Rickey Butch Walker.

    My grandmother (Lucille Strunk) was born in Strunk, KY, just south of Stearns,KY, where Pawalin died. So I am certain that the stories are true, especially given the well documented Strunk family history in the area. It makes sense that the families are related given the close proximity.

    Any recommendations for visiting the John Boone National Park? We have a family reunion scheduled for the end of November in Townsend, TN. I would love to take a day and visit the Ywahoo Falls and/or Doublehead's cave.

  13. In 2004, my husband and I traveled to Kentucky on vacation. We went on a hike and I found myself standing in that cave. It was surreal in the sense I felt so many emotions -at first happiness and laughter then great sorrow and trauma. I didnt understand all these emotions -I didnt pay attention to markers or anything. I was simply exploring.
    Two years later I began my genealogy search and found my grandmother's maiden name Troxell. Her father George had originated in Kentucky. As I saw pictures of Yahoo Falls I wondered why they were familiar. I asked my husband and he reminded me that we had been there. The emotions and spirits I had felt while standing in that cave came rushing back. I was shocked by the revelation that a massacre had occurred there and that my ancestors were killed in that cave. I believe the story because of this...I dont believe in coincidences....this was just too crazy to believe if it hadnt happened to me personally.
    Descendant of George Jacob Troxell .

    1. Your story gave me goosebumps. What a wonderful thing to have happened. Thanks for sharing

  14. She is my 5th great grandmother generations back.My name is Betty Blevins. This is so interesting!

  15. Adam Bell – (son of Ronnie Bell)
    Ronnie Bell – (son of Noble Bell)
    Noble Bell – b. 1916 (son of Ewell Sharp Bell)
    Ewell Sharp Bell – b. 1891 (son of John Breckenridge Bell)
    John Breckenridge Bell – b. 1864 (son of John S. Bell, Jr)
    John S. Bell, Jr – b. 1825 (son of William Bell Sr)
    William Bell, Sr. – b. 1782 (son of Joseph Bell & Nancy Davenport, brother to Thomas T. Bell and brother-in-law to Sarah “Sally” Troxell)
    Joseph Bell – b. around 1745 (don’t know where he came from and the genealogy stops there)

    There were 3 more brothers one of which was James Bell who married Margaret “Peggy” Troxell sometime around 1805.

    I guess that would make Thomas T. Bell my 6th great uncle and Sarah Troxell my 6th great aunt?? Is that the correct way to state that??

    I have no idea what Cornblossom and Big Jake would be to me….if anything at all.

    1. I went to High School with a Ronnie Bell and wonder if your Ronnie Bell is the same Ronnie Bell as attended Derby High School in Derby Kansas. Please do reply here and to Thanks

  16. It is amazing that after all this time there are those who deny this massacre of Cherokee Indians, natives and their relatives.

  17. Pawalin (Cornblossom) is my 6th great grandmother; Pawalin, Elizabeth Troxell, Nancy Vaughn, James Sampson Abbott, Reverend James Sampson Abbott, Taylor McCoy Abbott, James Farris Abbott, my mother, then me. I would like to know how to prove she really existed. I can be contacted via