Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catherine Kingfisher

Catherine Kingfisher 1752 - 1817 My 5G Grandmother (Nancy4 Ward, Tame Doe3 Raven, Anaway2 Nancy Moytoy, Amatoya1 Moytoy)

The most extensive Harlan family history states that Ellis Harlan married “Catherine Kingfisher, daughter of Kingfisher, a famous Chief, and Chigau”. Chigau is better known as Nancy Ward, from her marriage to a second husband Bryan Ward. This is the same Nancy Ward who was a friend to the whites, and aided the escape of Ezekiel Buffington from Cherokee upper town.

Catherine was the widow of John Walker at the time of her marriage to Ellis Harlan in Tennessee. Probably at the Inn operated by her mother at Woman Killer Ford on the Ocowee River.

Catherine "Ka Ti" KINGFISHER

"HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS", Dr. Emmet Starr, Hoffman Printing Co., Muskogee, 1984

She was a full blood Cherokee. She married Ellis Harlan a white man.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    My Great great 6Th generation grandma was Nancy Ward. I have verified my Cherokee ancestry, just this month. Very excited to see your info.
    I spend a hour or so a night reading the stories of my family. Thank you

    Lani Walters

  2. There are a large number of us. David Hampton is doing some fine work with his books.

    Kurt West

  3. Thanks David for the book tip.


  4. David Hampton has a great book out--Cherokee Mixed Bloods, Additions and Corrections to Family Genealogies of Dr. Emmet Starr Volume 1--Cordery, ghigau, Ridge-Watie, Ross Sanders and Ward.

    He also formed the Association of the Descendants Of Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee. We are always looking for other descendants. We meet twice a year! Thanks, Shirley Rider

  5. I am getting back to doing my husband's genealogy.
    He is a Thompson/Starr/Rider. I was in contact with David Hampton many years ago...I would once
    again like to connect with the Cherokee Roots!
    Rose Thompson Ft. Collins, CO

  6. Harlan families may find Harlan, Ky of interest, since it was built on an Indian mound. The town is supposedly named for a Civil War officer, but has very strong Cherokee links, then and now. Also note a Chief Kingfisher living near present day Salisbury, NC, with links to Crane's Nest Indian Towns in present Virginia and southeast Kentucky.

  7. looking for information on Lucretia Blevins, daughter of Johnathan Blevins and Charolette Muse. Johnathan Decended from Katie Troxel who i beleive was the daughter or grandaughter of Cornblossom. my e-mail is ,my name is Debbie , this is my family line. thanks for any help.

  8. As many of you may know, Kati Kingfisher and Harlan Ellis' daughter, Nannie, married Caleb Starr, not too far from Tellico Plains, TN. The long mountain ridge running north from the Hiwassee River is now called Starr Mountain.

  9. Chief Kingfisher, sometimes living near present day Salisbury, NC, is of interest for some King Fisher and Fisher and other related families. There appear to be some links to Crane's Nest Indian Towns of present day Virginia and southeast Kentucky. The Kingfisher Bird totem is also of interest, as well as Crane Bird. The Cherokee Mountains does have Piedmont links.

  10. Catherine Kingfisher is my great-great-great-great grandmother (I believe), and I am just now learning all about my Cherokee ancestry. Thank you for sharing this - I am looking forward to gaining more information.

  11. I just had my cherokee ancestry traced back to Ka-Ti Kingfisher as my 5th great grandmother. Thank you so much for this info!!

  12. Thats my great great gma turn up