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I Love It When I Find An Old Record

Some of the Important Documents of My Grandmother Lucinda Miller James

Twelfth Census of the United States, Indian Population, Indian Territory, Cherokee, June 1, 1900

Miller, Lucinda - Wife - Indian - Female - Birth October 1880 - Age 19 - Married for 1 Year - 1 Child -
Place of Birth, Indian Territory - Birth Place of Father - Georgia - Birth Place of Mother - Arkansas - Reads- Write - Speaks English - Lives on a Mortgage-Free Farm

Note 1: The column under Mixed Blood asks Does This Indian Have any White Blood, If So How Much? Lucinda answered 1/16, Albert answered 1/4 and they answered their daughter Cherokee had 1/8. It seems to me they answered the percentage of Indian Blood????

Note 2: The column under Conjugal Condition asks Is Indian, If Married, Living in Polygamy? 

Thirteenth Census of the United State: 1910 - Indian Population, Oklahoma, County Ottawa, Narcissa Township, May 9, 1910 

Miller, Lucinda - Wife - Female -Indian - Age 29 - Married for 11 Years - 7 Children - 6 Living
Place of Birth, Oklahoma - Birth Place of Father - Tennessee - Birth Place of Mother - Arkansas - Reads- Write - Speaks English - Lives on a Mortgage-Free Farm - Percentage of Indian 1/8 - 6 Children Listed on Census

Note: 1 On this Census Lucinda's Father's Birthplace is listed as Tennessee whereas it is listed as Georgia on the 1900 Census

Fourteenth Census of the United States 1920 Population, Maryland, Worcester County, January, 1920

Miller, Lucinda - Wife - White - Female -  - Age 39 - Married for 21 Years - Place of Birth, Oklahoma - Birth Place of Father - North Carolina - Birth Place of Mother - Arkansas - Reads- Write - Speaks English - Mortgaged Farm - 7 Children Listed on Census

Note: Lucinda's Father's Birthplace in this Census is North Carolina, 1910 Tennessee, 1900 Georgia

Fifteenth Census of the United States1930, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown Township, April 15, 1930

Miller, Lucinda - Wife - White - Female -  - Age 49 -  Owns a Radio Set- Place of Birth, Oklahoma - Birth Place of Father - Oklahoma - Birth Place of Mother - Arkansas - Reads- Write - Speaks English - Farm - 6 Children Listed on Census

Note: Father's Birthplace Listed on This Census as Oklahoma. So 4 different states listed on 4 census. Wish I knew why.

Roll of the Eastern Cherokees, Also Known as The Guion Miller Roll

The Guion Miller Roll The 1906/09 "Roll of the Eastern Cherokees" is better known as "The Guion Miller Roll". It was created as a result of a successful lawsuit filed by three groups of Cherokees who had not been paid all of the money due them as a result of the 1835 Treaty of New Echota. This is the ILLEGAL "treaty" that resulted in the forcible removal from their homes of those Cherokees who refused to give up their tribal citizenship, and the infamous "Trail of Tears" in 1838/39. Thousands were first herded into "pens" and for weeks/months were given food that was not fit for human consumption, contaminated drinking water, and most were forced to sleep in the open. This was done in order to "break their spirit" so they would agree to go to the western wilderness lands of Indian Territory! It worked-- by the time they were to be transported, they would have agreed to go ANYWHERE in order to get out of the pens! The Guion Miller Roll is the most important source of Cherokee genealogical research of any of the rolls, because the application required extensive information to be supplied by the applicant. Between 27 Aug 1906 and 18 May 1909 there were 45,940 applications filed from the United States, Canada, Mexico and-- Syria! It listed an estimated 90,000 individual applicants. Each qualifying applicant received a warrant worth $133.33 for their share of the one-time payment due to them. In order for an application to be accepted on this roll, the applicant had to prove descent from a person who was shown on the 1835 roll of Eastern Cherokees (also known as The Henderson Roll), which listed the citizenship of the tribe at that time. In order for them to have been listed on that roll as "citizens", they had to have lived in the Eastern Cherokee Nation.

The Application of My Grandmother

Note: In the application Lucinda says she does not know where her mother was born and her father was born in Cherokee Nation. She also gives the Indian name of her Grandmother (Susie Spaniard) as Chew-Wee-Yo- Koh  and that her Mother was white.

Lucinda lists 11 brothers and sisters

Lucinda lists her grandparents at Avery Miller and Susan Miller. She does not know where they were born. She lists the 11 children they had one of whom was her mother, Martha.

Supplemental Application for Minor Children - 5 Children Were On The Affidavit in 1907

Roll Number 15240 - Application Number 1092 - F.T.C. Commission Number 27930 - Address Fairland, OK - Wife - Age in 1906 - 36 (This is incorrect - she was 26).
Five children are listed.

As qualifying applicants they were awarded $133.00 each.  According to an inflation calculation this would be worth about $3,300.00 today. Lucinda and children are on the next to the last line.

For Those Who Also Love These Old Documents This is the Actual Guion Miller Report

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  1. two of my cousins decend from this family their father being Penddelton Andrew Miller he is buried in Hickory Grove cemetery also