Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eileen Allana James

This post is in response to my cousin Eileen Hardy's interest in my Aunt Eileen who she believes she was named after as I was too.

Eileen was born March 4, 1906 in Oklahoma and died in Kingman, Arizona, in July of 1981. Her first husband was Albert Price. The 1930 census shows my mom Thelma living with Eileen and Albert in Washington DC. He was a golf pro and a veteran of WWII . My sister remembers hearing that his family had a good bit of money. The census shows Eileen working as a salesgirl and my mom as a stenographer. They were renting a house in DC that they paid $40.00 a month for. There was not a radio noted on the census.

Eileen's second husband was Walter Elgin. Eileen was on the Dawes Roll #2837 and on the Miller Roll 15245.

Eileen was quite a peppery character. She had a quite a range of cuss words which she used apparantely quite frequently. My favorite story about her: Some kids had done some kind of mischief in her yard in Arizona. She chased them, and one of them climbed a tree to get away from her. She got the hose and gave him a good a good bath.

She was also a hunter with little respect for hunting season. She went when she wanted to. No question she was her own person and a free spirit. My Aunt Jean lived with my family and my grandmother for a while and then she moved out to Arizona and lived with and then near Aunt Eileen.

Eileen lived with, but we don't think married, Omer East for a long time in Arizona. But we do not know what happened to her first 2 husbands. We think they divorced but we are not sure. I am going to send an email to 2 other James cousins who might know.

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