Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I was born 6 December 1925 in Fairland, OK, the first of the four sons of Euchalata and Erna James. During the 1930s we lived on a dry, dusty farm in a two-room shack that was previously used to store cattle feed. My elementary education was in a one-room, red country schoolhouse that was almost three miles away.

During WW2 I served in the Infantry, where I learned to walk and shoot.

After college I worked for oilfield service companies, learning to cope with heat, cold, fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

I now run a firm that markets software which allows a composer to use a computer instead of ruled paper for creating music. The software was originally written by my son, Dennis.

I began researching my James genealogy in 1962, when many of the family who were born in the 1800s were still living. I interviewed many of the "old folks", who told me stories of life in the pioneer days. How fortunate that I started so early!

I am pleased that many of you youngsters are interested in the family history, so that in my old age I can pass on what I learned and it won't be lost.


  1. I have a letter that a Norma James wrote me October 28, 2002. He would be my cousin. I would love to know if this Norman is "my" Norman. Could you give me some more information please so that I can relay some of this to my father.

    Thank you
    Christina James-Humphreys

  2. This is probably a very long stretch but I am doing a lot of research trying to prove my Native American Ancestry. My request is for someone to tell me what Cherokee roll and where an ancestor would be listed. Susannah McDaniel, daughter of Wm. McDaniel and Granny Hopper>Old Hop moytoy/Su Gi, married James Emerson, a GGrandfather of mine.
    Thanks in advance for any help
    I really appreciate it
    Dean Emerson
    Born in Oklahoma