Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Search To See If I Had Married My Cousin

I married a Starr. Ironically the Starr name is a popular last name in the Cherokee Nation. So I went in search of a connection. Both lines have a Caleb Starr. Could they be the same Caleb? I found a lot of trees on where they are confused. It certainly confused me for a while. But after finding my Cherokee Caleb Starr I discovered what I believe is the founding father of the Cherokee Starrs. I also found some amazing stories in this line including many relatives who were on the Trail of Tears and a line of father, son, and grandson who were "bad men." The "Bandit Queen" Belle Starr married into this line.The imminent Cherokee researcher and genealogist Dr. Emmet Starr was the great grandson of Cherokee Caleb Starr. These Starrs are "mine" and I do not believe have a connection to my husband's Starrs.

I just reread a "Note to Self" on this blog that said I must concentrate on the grandparents and not go off on other hunts. Well once again I failed completely, but it sure has been fun finding Caleb and then the resulting "bad men" and "good men" stories. But as soon as I get theses folks stories told I feel sure I can make it back to those important grandparents.


  1. I descend from a family of Starrs from Wilkes County, GA and I'm trying to determine if there is a connection to the Cherokee Starrs. Several in this family did make Eastern Cherokee applications claiming to descend from Caleb Starr. Many of the given names in the family match, but I've found nothing concrete. It may be your husband's family. I'd be interested in finding out more. Interestingly, I married a cousin of Cole Younger. Thanks.

    1. Hey Jana,
      I have several public family trees on two of which might be a huge help in your search. One is my mother's which this blog is mostly about and the other is my husband's with his Starr line: My email is If you want to contact me through email, I'll be glad to look at what information you have and see if I can be of any help at all. I have done a good bit of research on both lines.