Friday, April 20, 2012

Hartwell County Georgia Where "Nanyehi" was Put On

Center of the World

Ah-Yek-A-Li-A-Lo-Hee” in Cherokee means “Center of the World”. This was the place where the Cherokee Indians would assemble and Indian traders would meet to exchange their goods; items such as hides, furs, blankets and many other types of articles that could be used for barter or trade were brought. Various councils would also meet at this designated place.

The Center of the World is located three miles southwest of the city of Hartwell, is the Cherokee Indian assembly ground where trails radiated in many directions. A granite marker as well as a plaque is in place to pay tribute to the Cherokee Indians who once occupied this territory. The ""Center of the World"" historic site/monument honors the location of the Cherokee Indian assembly ground. The area was inhabited by Native Americans until a treaty with the Cherokee Indians was signed.

One of the trails that traders transported their goods upon pack horses to their Indian settlements is where Cedar Creek Church is now located. Pigeons also migrated annually in the autumn on their quest for acorns, which were in abundance. People would gather at this location to shoot down numbers of pigeons that weighed down the branches while they were roosting in the large forest pines.

Several meetings also were held at this historic place being attended by citizens of the country who desired that the country seat be held at the “Center of the World.

We now can pay tribute to the Cherokee Indians and the legacy they left by the marker that stands on the south side of the highway, three miles southwest of the city of Hartwell. It keeps the memory alive of what was once a very well traveled place and where much trade and history took place.

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