Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Privilege I Had On April 14

Besides attending the play Nanyehi - Beloved Woman of the Cherokee as posted below. I had the opportunity to eat lunch and then attend the play with David Hampton and 5 other descendants of Nancy Ward, who had come from Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida. It was wonderful to meet and be with them. There were 11 descendants at the play. Before the play started, we had the honor  of standing and being introduced by Becky Hobbs.

David is one of the foremost Cherokee researchers in the country and has been very kind and helpful  in my attempts at research. His book Cherokee Mixed Bloods has been invaluable to me.

It was a real honor to be with David and the other Nancy Ward descendants.

David K. Hampton 

David Keith Hampton currently resides in Tulsa. He’s the son of Thomas Marion Hampton Jr. and June Louise (Young) Hampton. He graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 1967. His Cherokee grandfather was George Elihu Young enrolled on Dawes roll minor Cherokee #3056.  David began working on genealogy in 1961 and later attended the University of Oklahoma majoring in political science from 1967 through 1970.  In the U.S. Army from 1970 to 1973 he was a Military occupation specialist as a Lao language translator, stationed in Udorn ThaniThailand.  After his military service he returned to OU majoring in accounting receiving a B.B.A.  David has worked as an accountant at various businesses and since 1994 at a Tulsa law firm specializing in immigration.
David’s publications are:
§        Descendants of Nancy Ward 1975
§        Cherokee Reservees 1979
§        The Nantz Family 1983
§        Old Cherokee Families: Notes of Dr. Emmet Starr, volumes 1-3 1988
§        Cherokee Old Settler 1993
§        Descendants of Nancy Ward: A workbook for Further Research 1997
§        Cherokee Mixed-bloods: Additions and Corrections to Family Genealogies of Dr. Emmet Starr, volume 1, 2005
§        Currently working on Cherokee Mixed-Bloods volume 2
§        Oklahoma Historical Society
§        Goingsnake District Heritage Association, currently Vice President, previously secretary
§        Association of the Descendants of Nancy Ward, President since 1994
§        Oklahoma Chapter – Trail of Tears Association
§        National Genealogical Society

My Certificate of Descendancy from Nancy Ward

As I mentioned in other posts, I knew I was part Cherokee and my Mother was born in Indian Territory in Oklahoma, but I had no idea (nor did she, I'm sure) that I was descended from Nancy Ward and other famous Cherokee. I am extremely delighted to have found out through my research.


  1. I am a Descendants of Nancy Ward. Though George W. Roach, his father was James Harriso0n Roach, married Margaret {Pasty} Bryant. I have the books Descendants of Nancy Ward, and Cherokee Old Settlers.

  2. I am descendant from Betsy ward .Nancy wards daughter.need help getting cdib card.also would like more info on my family tree