Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finshing Pictures and Info on Thelma (Mom) Before Moving on to Grandparents Albert and Lucinda

Mom was an advid horseback rider. Here she is getting  ready to descend into the Grand Canyon May 28,1941

Mom and Dad - Handsome, Handsome People

Unfortunately there is no date on this Atlana Journal and Constitution Article

The house Denni and I came to when we were born (1942 for Denni and 1944 for me)  to 1955  14 East Shadowlawn Ave, Atlanta, GA When I was 11 we moved to Moores Mill Rd in Atlanta

Frequent riders - Mom and Leila

Mom and the Rock

This was Denni's and My Idea (Probably Denni's) But We Asked Mom If We Could Do It and She Said Yes. We Were Very Excited. They were married in 1934 so this would have been in 1959. I was 15 and Denni 17.


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