Thursday, December 1, 2011

Death of a Brother and a Little Mystery

In going through old pictures and documents of my Moms, I found a telegram and newspaper clipping about her brother Howard who died at age 25. I never heard Mom say how he died or anything about him. In a previous post, I listed Mom's 13 brothers and sisters and, of  course, he was one I never knew.

It is interesting to read in this notification that 2 names are listed together grouped by the minister's name. Howard's minister's name was Peter Marshall. I knew there was a very famous book and movie named  A Man Called Peter. Peter Marshall's widow went on to write her husband's biography, A Man Called Peter (1951), which was later made into an Oscar-nominated film of the same title. It was a wonderful book. In looking up the info about him, I found he preached in Atlanta and Covington, GA.

To add to the intrigue here is the telegram sent to Mom and Dad that advises Howard is in critical condition. It was in 1942 during the war, but it was sent from Cornelia, Ga. - not a war zone.

So I have to leave the question unanswered. Did the famous Peter Marshall preside over the funeral of my Uncle Howard James and why did he die at 25 years old?

One of the biggest problems with ancestry research is how easy it is to follow a side trail that makes you lose sight of your goals. This will take hours to track down. I leave it to later or someone else. I would rather think that the incredible individual known as A Man Called Peter officiated at the service of my Uncle Howard.

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