Monday, September 8, 2014

At Least A Good Part of the Mystery Is Solved

About a family secret which my cousins would talk about on the occasions we were together. They knew more than my sister and I which was almost nothing except what they had told us. My Mom was not one to tell any family stories especially this one which must have been very painful. We finally asked Mom about it one time, but no information was forthcoming. 

The story from the cousins also said my Mom tried to help Calvin break out of jail. Who knows. She also would not comment on that. 

I have strayed from my Harlan lines to research this. I got an email from a website saying they now had some of the early FBI files on line. And I thought I might find Calvin in them because the files were during his time period. No luck there, but did search the newspaper archives again and hit these articles. These ancestry sites are constantly adding millions of new files regularly so new searches will often bring up new information. 

Monday, January 21, 1929

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