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Later Life and Death of Tennessee Almira James nee Lane



The identities below were given by Allen James, about fifty years later. She couldn't identify very many of them.

Front row, left to right:
1. Girl with white stockings
2. Ivan James
3. Willard James
4. Norman W. (Cotton) James
5. Girl, with ribbons in hair
6. Raymond James (kneeling)
7. Euchalata James (kneeling)
8. Girl between Raymond and Euch
9. Child
10. Girl with hands behind her
11-14. Next four boys, sitting on ground
15. Girl in black dress
16. Girl in light dress
17. Woman in white. A nurse?
18. Tilda Harlan
19. Ab Harlan
20. Alex Copeland
21. Mrs. Copeland
22. Tennessee A. (Lane) James
23. Solon James
24. William Whig James
25. Ada, wife of Lorenzo James
26. Baby in Ada's lap
27. Malinda Ann James, in black dress
28. Aurelius James, in Malinda Ann's lap
29. Mance Hillen
30. Mary E. A. James
31. Small boy in chair
32. Girl in dark dress
33. Man in black hat
34. Baby in man's lap
35. Child in white, leaning on man

 Back row, left to right:
1. Bert James?
2. Lucinda Miller James
3. Baby in arms
4. Opal Irene James, Bert's daughter
5. Cherokee James (grey dress, black belt)
6. Charlotte Hampton, friend of "Aunt Tenn"
7. Maggie James, wife of Cal James
8. Jessie James
9. Small child
10. Lula Huggins
11. Riley Copeland
12. Houston James
13. Howell Kelly
14. Man behind, face half hidden
15. Homer James
16. Blanche, wife of Jesse Lamar James
17. Two men behind, virtually invisible
18. Woman
19. Another woman
20. Cal (Calvin Garrett) James
21. Man behind Cal
22. Man behind, with suspenders
23. Man with bow tie
24, Another man, with bow tie
25. Man behind
26. Man by tree
27. Woman in black, at right of tree
28. Woman behind, with dark glasses?
29. Woman in dark blouse
30. Person behind
31. Man in vest and hat
32. Man in coat and hat
33. Baby in man's arms
34. Man in dark, with boy
35. Boy in man's arms
36. Heavy woman? in dark clothing
37. Allen James (wife of Irvin), in white blouse
38. Woman behind Allen
39. Woman with white collar
40. Woman in dark dress
41. Woman behind, white collar
42. Man wearing bow tie and hat
43. Woman
44. Man in bow tie and coat, not much hair
45. Ada James, wife of Price James
46. Lewis James (small boy) son of Ada and Price James
47. Man in straight tie
48. Jennie James

Entry in notebook of George Solon Huggin: 

Death Takes Mrs. Tennessee James At the Age of 95
Mrs. Tennessee James died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lula Huggins, near Grove, at 12:15 a.m. today. She was 95 years. old.

Mrs. James moved with her husband, Solon James, from Cherokee county, Kansas, in 1870, to what is now known as Ottawa county. She has lived in and around Ottawa county for 73 years.
Besides Mrs. Huggins, she is survived by another daughter, Mrs. Walter Copeland of Welch; four sons, C. G. James of Fairland, L. D. James of Blythe, Calif., J. L. James of Maimi and Claude James of Bremerton, Wash.; 29 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held at 2:00 clock Wednesday afternoon at the Hickory Grove church in Delaware county. Burial will be in the Miami G. A. R. cemetery

Miami, Oklahoma

The Note I Left on the Virtual Grave of along with the virtual forget-me-not-flowers.

Learning about you through ancestry research has been an incredible journey. I only wish I could have really known you. What a strong woman you were. I am so glad I carry your genes.

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